Hall, Kistler & Company – “Walk net” – The importance for a CPA to communicate

By S. Franklin Arner, CPA, Partner

Every year, aside from my role as a CPA and partner at Hall, Kistler & Company, I sit in as a guest lecturer for an auditing class at a university in our area. As I wrap up the class I always try to give the potential future CPAs sitting in front of me some practical advice from someone who has been in the accounting profession for over 30 years. The one tidbit that elicits the most discussion is my use of the “walk net”. They look at me a little strange and then I explain. The “walk net” is where I get out of my chair, walk down the hall to the office or cubicle of my colleagues and we discuss in person the matter at hand. I then go on to explain how important it is for a CPA in the accounting profession to know how to verbally communicate with their peers as well as the clients being serviced. The communication tools we have today vs. 30 years ago are amazing, however there is nothing like face-to-face verbal communication. Whether you are a CPA or work in another profession, I encourage you to consider the “walk net” as a communication tool that will never go out of style.

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About Franklin Arner

Franklin is a Partner at Hall, Kistler & Company and is skilled in providing consulting, auditing, tax and accounting services for closely held companies. He has experience with companies involved in various kinds of manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, construction activities, and not-for-profit organizations. His experience includes business consulting, services for closely-held companies, audit and review of privately held entities, and individual income tax preparation and planning with an emphasis on S Corporations. He specializes in succession planning of closely-held businesses to the next generation.

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